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Fur storage is a must during the late spring and summer months

Protect your fur investment! In the warm months store your furs in Wolverine Furs’ climate controlled (temperature and humidity) secure cold storage vaults. The cost to store your fur coat properly is minimal compared to the purchase price. UL approved, AA certified, secure storage.

Storing your fur coats, jackets and fur accessories at home during the summer could be a very costly mistake. To keep your fur coat – or other fur apparel – in peak condition it needs to be stored in climate controlled, cold vaults. Not a hot, dry closet with mothballs. And home air conditioning is too humid. You need constant 50˚F and 50% humidity to maintain valuable moisture. Also, the smell from the use of cedar and mothballs will adhere to fur, leathers and wool, creating lasting unpleasant odors.

Cold storage is important to the longevity of your fur garment

Wolverine Furs’ state of the art, secure, modern, UL approved, AA Certified climate and humidity controlled vaults are ready for your fur garments. The same facilities that major department stores and furriers around the country have used for generations.

When you store your fur with us it stays with us!

Contact us today with your fur storage questions! Or, if you’re ready to store your fur coat, schedule a pickup online!